Storm damage is a problem nearly every year. You never know when you will be hit from low levels of rain to wind speeds over 130 mph. It pays to know your contractor and what they can do so that you can protect your home and belongings.roofing

Roofing contractors can help you with both residential roof repairs and commercial roof repair services. They can help you get your homes back into good shape and restore commercial structures to near-prime conditions after severe storm damage. From flat roofs to high-rise buildings, you can rest assured that Superstorm Insurance will protect your investment.

The National Weather Service and the Insurance Institute for Structural steel advise homeowners to take preventative measures. While roofs may seem structurally sound, they can sustain tremendous damage from hail, wind and ice, which can lead to leaks, mildew, decay, mold and algae. Superstorm Insurance is an easy way to protect your investment against future issues with your roof.

Whether you have flat or pitched roofs, you want to be sure you protect yourself and your family. With so many storms hitting the state each year, it is important that you are prepared for them. Superstorm Insurance ensures that if you are subjected to a damage, such as wind and ice, you will be adequately covered. Your insurance company will reimburse you for roofing repairs or replacements, based on the rating of your structure and the size of your policy coverage. You should review your policies often, so that you are aware of any changes to your coverage.

Insurance policies for your roofing contractors and employees should be examined annually. While you may think that repairs and replacements will not affect your premiums, the unexpected can always happen. If a contractor’s work is deemed unsafe by your insurance company, they may be forced to pay for the damages out of pocket. It is best to find a roofing contractor with a platinum preferred rating. A platinum preferred rating means that your contractor has been rated highly in regards to their track record of safety history.

There are a number of companies that offer a complete roof inspection, including an annual inspection and a non-destructive testing inspection. Non-destructive testing is usually recommended for all shingles. This type of inspection allows your roofing contractor to identify problem areas before they can become irreparable. Most companies require your roof inspection to be performed by licensed professionals who are bonded and insured.

When your roof fails due to external weather damage such as falling trees, wind, hail, or ice, your roofing contractor can make all of the necessary repairs. This type of roofing service is often referred to as ‘rapid repair’ or ‘insulation repair’. Your roofing contractor can easily replace shingles, repair roof vents, remove tree roots, patch leaks, replace missing shingles, clean gutters, and make other general repairs to prevent future roof problems. They can also help you decide if the damage is severe enough to warrant replacing your entire roof.

An inspection is a critical step in protecting your investment. When your home experiences a weather event that causes damage to your roof, your roofing contractor can immediately help you determine the extent of the damage. In many instances, you can have your entire roof replaced, or a portion of it, in order to remedy the situation. Many homeowners do not attempt to repair roof damage themselves. For this reason, hiring a professional roofing contractor can mean the difference between saving money and spending even more on exterior repairs.