expensive guttersIn many areas of the United States, such as the Washington DC metro area, you will find that the most expensive gutter systems are made of vinyl. The reason that vinyl is used is that it is a more flexible material than metal or wood. Vinyl gutters are also more resistant to rotting, decay, and even insect infestation. However, if you are looking at each type of gutter’s pros and cons, you should consider some of these issues.


There are two types of expensive gutters made of vinyl; those attached to the home and those that are separate and installed on the roof. When you consider the pros of attaching them to your home, the obvious benefits are that you will not have to deal with the hassle of pulling up the gutter every time you want to use it. Additionally, attaching the expensive gutters to the roof is much more cost-effective than having them installed separately. As a side benefit to attaching them to the roof, the weight of the aluminum or steel gutter system will be evenly distributed across the roof. This can also help avoid the occurrence of a pitched roof and allow for a more level surface to work with.


Vinyl rain gutters that are attached to the roof are made to fit very tightly to the roof. When this occurs, water will run freely down the gutters and away from your home, causing rainwater damage. Even if the vinyl is kept in place with screws and plastic washers, water can still seep through, especially with older roofs.


While vinyl and copper gutters are great at keeping water away from your home, they do not work well at keeping out leaves and other debris that might clog the channels. As an alternative, there are new gutters available that feature stainless steel mesh or a metal insert that fits inside the channels of the gutters. These gutters can also be designed to include a special tool made to help clean the gutters. Some of these include hook and loop closures and have been proven to work as effectively as their copper counterparts. In addition, some of these new gutters are made to include a water reservoir, which can prevent the formation of ice dams. If you live in an area where freezing temperatures are common or during the fall season, installing a water reservoir can prove extremely beneficial.


There are also new options available in less expensive gutters, such as stainless steel or aluminum gutters. One thing that needs to be considered with these less expensive gutter options is the risk of corrosion. Due to stainless steel, or even copper, rust can easily occur and will easily eat away at the steel. In addition, both of these materials can develop mildew, which makes the home smell musty over time. Aluminum or steel gutter with a metal insert is much less likely to develop rust and will be far easier to maintain and clean.


A third option that is becoming popular among people who need to replace their gutters is vinyl. Vinyl gutters are made from a plastic material and can offer the same benefits that the other two types of gutter protection options can offer. For example, they are long-lasting and will not need to be replaced as often, saving money for homeowners. Also, vinyl gutters are relatively maintenance-free, as the material does not require painting or washing, and they do not rust like the copper, or stainless steel option does.


Although vinyl gutters cost more than the other options mentioned, they are also a very durable choice. This means that over time, they will not need to be replaced as often and will last longer than the others discussed above. In fact, they will be able to last longer than many types of roofing material used to repair water damage to homes. They are also great options for people who have small yards because vinyl gutters do not have to be installed very high up on the roof, where it would be easy to damage the roof and have leaks. Also, this type of gutter does not collect many leaves and debris and will help keep out the dirt and moss that can cause water damage in a home.


Unfortunately, some homeowners may choose to replace their vinyl gutters with copper ones because of their higher price. However, while copper has the look of elegance and might make a nice addition to a home, it is expensive. It is also tough to work on, which can increase its cost even more. On top of that, when you consider the fact that copper is an aluminum-based metal, it is possible that the cost of copper gutters could eventually reach thousands of dollars, putting them out of reach for many people.