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Gutter Protection Online
Launches New Website

New Website Helps Homeowners Protect Their Gutters—and Their Homes.

Boston, MA, 31 August, 2007—, a new comprehensive web site for homeowners looking to protect their gutters from leaves, branches, and debris, was launched Monday. Consumers can go to the new site to see gutter protection demos, get information on the benefits of gutter protection, read articles, and request a free quote for their home.

Gutter protection systems, sometimes called gutter guards, use the principle of surface tension and a nose-forward design to keep rain gutters and downspouts free flowing and debris-free. Rot, mold, and other house damage can be prevented by effectively carrying water away from the home.

"We hope that the site serves as a great resource to homeowners across the country who are considering gutter protection, and that they use this site as a key source of information," said Todd Bairstow, Director of Content for Gutter Protection Online.

Each year, there are more than 164,000 emergency-room-treated injuries in the U.S. relating to ladders*. Gutter cleaning is responsible for many of these injuries. Gutter guards fit over existing gutters and eliminate the need to clean gutters, keeping people off of ladders and out of harm's way.

"We continue to see homeowners of all ages choosing gutter protection. Cleaning gutters is an awkward, dangerous job for anyone. Too many people are injured every year from falls off of ladders. With gutter protection, homeowners would never have to worry again," Bairstow commented.

About Gutter Protection Online

Gutter Protection Online is a home improvement website. The mission of Gutter Protection Online is to inform homeowners about gutter protection and to ensure that they never clean their gutters again. For more information about gutter protection brands, visit

*Ross, Mark. "Consumer Product Safety Alert." Ladder Safety Alert, Aug. 29, 2007.